What we do

All CSR Martini products are designed to acoustically enhance the spaces people use daily.

How we achieve this, is unique to every client we work with, whether it’s using one, or a mix of our three key product types.

Decorative Acoustic

Looks as good as it sounds

Acoustic Insulation

Absorb the power of acoustic science

Thermal insulation

Save energy and increase the serenity

Decorative Acoustics

Looks as good as it sounds

Chances are, you’ve never given the ceiling panels in your office much thought. However, these are the very things that help insulate ambient noises, so you can think clearly in a crowded space.

Our dECO range combines advanced acoustic science, material technology and on-trend design to provide decorative solutions that make bustling, busy spaces sound better.

Martini dECO quiet panel

Get the freedom to think clearly and collaborate freely thanks to these lightweight panels. Suitable for ceiling and wall panels, this range is both technically advanced and stylish. View more details…

Martini dECO panel

As vibrant as they are versatile, these panels work well as partitions, on ceilings or as pinboards. Perfect for spaces that benefit from clear sound with less noise. View more details…

Martini dECO deluxe

High intensity acoustic panels that work hard to control sound while creating a warm and welcoming interior. These can be a solid black and white board or covered in fabrics to enhance the environment they’re in. View more details…

Martini dECO flex

Flexible. Just like the places it’s used in. Perfect for schools, libraries or other learning spaces as it can simply be rolled out and adhered to ply or plasterboard. View more details…

Martini dECO fabric

Bold, modern colours and luxury textured materials, this fabric works on its own or as a bold design statement over any of our other panels. View more details…

Acoustic Insulation

Absorb the power of acoustic science

The tones of a deep voiced lecturer or mumblings of the people up back at a concert seem minor but have the ability to transform interesting into irritating.

Our high-end premium acoustic insulation assists with echo absorption and reverb reduction to enhance live venues, theatres, sports stadiums, residential apartments and industrial complexes.

The ceiling and cavity infill range, works wonders in all of these places as well, but does the ever important job of reducing sound transmission through ceilings and walls.

Martini Absorb

High performance sound absorptive insulation to control reverberated noise in building interiors. Ideal to use behind perforated panels, soffits or cavity infills for sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies. Its available in sheets or rolls and is a solid, scientifically proven all-rounder. View more details…

Martini Absorb Soffit

An ideal exposed insulation solution, Absorb Soffit allows you to maintain design integrity of a building with exposed ceilings and still get all the acoustic benefits. Sheets can come precision cut to size with pre-drilled holes for ease of installation. View more details…

Martini MAB

Multi-purpose insulation designed and manufactured to specific densities and thickness to create the ultimate acoustic and thermal performance in commercial and industrial environments. View more details…

Martini Prime

High standard polyester fibre insulation that supports the acoustic absorption and thermal properties of hardy building materials such as masonry, plasterboard and aerated concretes. View more details…

Martini Easy Baffle

Fill the void and audibly enhance the space you’re in. Recommended to be compressed above a partition wall within the ceiling void to reduce flanking noise between rooms. View more details…

Martini MSB

Designed to increase the acoustic performance of partition walls and ceilings in commercial applications. View more details…

Thermal Insulation

Save energy and increase the serenity

Usually, the only sounds we want are the ones we create ourselves. Martini proudly manufactures the Bradford Polymax Acoustic range for CSR Bradford. Martini Bradford Polymax Acoustic range helps to keep sound in and transferred noises out.

Bradford Polymax Acoustic

This range of acoustic wall and ceiling batts is a miracle worker. Saving energy, reducing noise transfer between rooms and inhibiting noise from the outside world makes the home comfier and quieter.

Bradford Polymax Thermal

Cool in summer. Warm in winter. These thermal wall and ceiling batts help to save energy all year round by regulating temperature in commercial and residential buildings.

Martini Thermaflex

Specifically designed as lightweight thermal insulation for flexible air-conditioning ducts. This product meets the requirements of the National Construction Code for both domestic and commercial air conditioning systems.

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